In the beginning, I thought making online courses is rather easy, but boring work. I couldn't have
been more wrong. 

– Jiří Fusek, director & producer

To elaborate on the quote above, one must understand that sure, it could be easy and boring work, but if you really want to give it your 110, it never will. I didn't want to make the same online classes I can see at Udemy, or Teachable. I wanted to show that it can be done well and that we can bring the film experience and quality toward educational videos. 

Producing an online course that works is a several months-long journey. It needs to be designed with specific needs in mind and it just can not copy the way we teach in real life. The medium is different. The platform is different. Expectations are different. Attention span is extremely short. Motivation pluments. And, it's easy to just press stop. 

Now, I could be talking about this for hours on end, but this is not the place. Let's revisit that topic in one of my articles (work in progress at the moment), where I deep dive into our process from idea to post-production, including designing the course itself from the scratch. Until then, just check out some more of our videos, photos and enjoy!